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Social media marketing is one of the most powerful digital marketing efforts for your business. Not only does having a strong social presence build credibility to your practice, it leaves a place for people to write wonderful reviews and post recommendations. It’s one of the best ways to advertise your services, as well. Your social media profiles, along with your website, are your two 24/7 employees that are always working to increase your brand awareness and answer potential patient questions.


With that said, social media upkeep is a job of its own. Generating content, knowing when to post and what to post (and who to post it for) is a science that takes specialized training and experience. It’s about entertaining your patients and giving them the information they need, not just selling your business to them. Perfecting that strategy and formula takes a lot of trial and error, and time.


We have experienced digital marketing professionals to give you the strategy you need. We can teach you how to take advantage of the powerful marketing tool of social media to further generate leads.


Here are the services we offer:


  • Social profile creation. We will identify the social media networks that are appropriate for your practice and then create and optimize the profiles to help you get recognized from searches.


  • Social media content strategy. So you have a Facebook page… now what? Knowing what to post and when to post it to get the most engagement and reach on your post is tricky. Our team has expertise in this space. We understand the trends in social media and can give you a strategy on the content that your target audience will respond to best.


  • Photography. People want to see your practice and the faces behind it-- not just stock images. We can have a photographer come in and take photos of your practice, inside and out, to have images to optimize your social profiles.


  • Competitive analysis. We will find industry leaders in your field and show you what they’re doing, and why it works. Learning from your competition saves you a lot of time in money for knowing what to do, and what NOT to do.


  • Software recommendations. There are hundreds of tools out there that claim to make scheduling social media easier for you, but some are more trouble than they are worth. We can show you the most user-friendly, time-saving softwares to help you with your strategy.


  • Generating reviews. The most important and strongest marketing tool for your practice is gaining positive reviews. People care about their health, making healthcare providers one of the professional services they will research beforehand, particularly when individuals move to a new area or have to find a new doctor in a specific field. This makes your reputation crucial, so we can help generate reviews to make your business stand out.


  • Social media management. Don’t want to worry about taking the time out of your week to create content? No problem, we have social media experts who can take the stress away from you. How will you know if it’s working? We will send end-of-the-week and end-of-the-month reports to show you how your investment is working and generating patients for your practice.