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Meet CEO Eric Lowe


Our founder and CEO, Eric Lowe, was born and raised in Kentucky. He comes from humble beginnings having grown up in Mt. Washington, a small town southeast of Louisville. His parents engrained the importance of hard work and perseverance in him at a young age. The entrepreneurial spirit was also vividly apparent in Eric even at a young age. Whether he was cutting grass or moving furniture in middle and high school during the summers for extra money, he always knew that through his hard work and perseverance he could achieve great things.


His two older brothers both joined the military out of high school, one in the Air Force and the other in the Army. Fortunately, he was just good enough to earn a football scholarship to a small Baptist university in south-central Kentucky, University of the Cumberlands. After completing his undergraduate studies at University of the Cumberlands, he returned to his hometown to work in the education field for before entering law school at University of Louisville.


In 2011, Eric began consulting and working for local medical providers and healthcare facilities in Louisville. It was during this time that he became keenly aware of the fatal flaws in the revenue cycle process for many practices. It was obvious to Eric that the revenue cycle management process could be greatly improved. From this point forward, he embarked to retain top medical doctors, accountants, billers, coders, accounts receivable specialists, and practice managers to create a new system to handle revenue cycle management for medical practices of any size. In 2013, Eric officially incorporated Commonwealth Billing.


Over the past five years, Commonwealth Billing has expanded and acquired another revenue cycle management company in Cincinnati, Ohio. Between the two offices, Commonwealth Billing offers services from new practice set-up, insurance credentialing and billing to complete website design, graphic design, digital content marketing, and a host of other services.  Clients at Commonwealth Billing range from large hospital affiliate practices to orthopedic groups, multi-specialty groups, diagnostic laboratories, family practices, physical therapy groups, university-based healthcare services, and more! Grounded in both Eric’s personality and the Company’s mission statement, his drive is to innovate and develop strategies to provide the most efficient, affordable, and simple solutions to clients.