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At Commonwealth Billing, we provide in-house digital content marketing. Whether you need analytics, blogging, analytic driven advertising, or another form of digital content marketing, we have you covered.

Content marketing is proven to be one of the most successful long-term marketing strategies for businesses. Content marketing, in simple terms, is essentially having an educational/ informative blog on your website that drives traffic to your page. This isn't a blog that just sells information to people, instead it's a blog that gives them the answers they've been looking for to questions they may have, ie: "What is the cause of my long-term cough?" or "How much water should I really be drinking in a day?"

Here are some of the benefits of content marketing:

+ It positions you as an industry expert. When people are going online searching symptoms and find you content, they automatically will trust that you are able to give them the medical advice that they need, not only over the internet, but in real life, too.

+ It generates traffic. The entire point of a website is that it is essentially an online billboard for your brand. When people come to your website, they are immersing themselves in every aspect of your brand: the colors, the logo, your services. But, the problem is getting them to your website. Having amazing content out there will drive users who you wouldn't be able to even target in other marketing efforts to your website to learn about your practice.

+ Content helps SEO. You are probably tired of hearing the term "SEO." A lot of people are. The reason you hear it so much in terms of marketing is because it is so important. You may be wondering "Why is SEO important for my practice, specifically?" Well, let's use an example: Mike just moved to town, and is looking for a doctor. He searches "best doctor in Kentucky," and goes with the practice that pops up first. So, so, so many people find their services by a quick Google search like that. Having your content out there will build your capital through the internet, giving you the one-up on your competition. 

+ You are in the perfect industry to put content out online. Of all Google searches, a large majority of them are made up by people asking medical questions. "How can I make my headache go away?" "Why do I have a migraine?" "What makes my foot go numb?" People actually want to read content about their health and wellness, unlike a lot of other content that is out there that is more industry-specific. With that being said, you have every reason to want to take care of that. And, there will never be a lack of topics to write about that are health-related.


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